Vetrogiardini furnishings represent the genius and excellence of Made in Italy in the artistic field, and Furnish Art offers a selection of their best products. Clients can choose from a vast line of design seating created entirely in glass and furnish their environments, both indoor and outdoor, in an innovative and revolutionary way.

The outdoor and indoor furnishings by Vetrogiardini can be customized to the smallest detail. The expertise of the craftspeople behind the creation of the individual pieces allows the company to guarantee their clients made to measure glass furnishings that perfectly combine their characteristics with the context they are inserted into.

The Furnish Art marketplace features a large number of modern chairs in which the glass furnishings characterize the spaces. They are essential design seats that, as well as having a unique style, are surprisingly comfortable and functional. Clients can choose a piece in glass that follows geometric lines, clean and minimal, or ergonomic glass furnishings that develop along more curved lines, sinuous and rounded.

The glass chairs offered by Vetrogiardini are divided into three collections: small armchairs, benches, and architectural benches. The armchairs are ideal to be used as outdoor or indoor furnishings and play heavily on the essentiality of the components. The glass benches, rather, are more indicated to give character to outdoor environments. The architectural benches, finally, represent the ideal solution for those who desire a resistant piece of furniture that has a revolutionary aesthetic form.