The luxury furnishings on the Furnish Art marketplace lend themselves to complete customization. Thanks to the purchasing know-how and synergistic and exclusive collaboration between our interior designers and producers, we develop, manage and create made to measure designs according to the requests of our clients.

Each product can be customized by material, size and finish to integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment and suit the aesthetic taste of the client. This is how the creations become made to measure furnishing pieces that reflect the personality and creativity of the owner. In addition, the custom design of interior furnishings gives the spaces the most desired style.

The Furnish Art made to measure furnishing designs take form from the careful attention to the needs of the client and from a detailed study of the environment to be furnished. This step allows exploration of the ideas, expectations and desires of the client, study of the feasibility of the pieces, definition of the objectives and identification the best solutions to obtain unique and surprising results.

Our strength is the preparation of made to measure designs that don’t sacrifice the functionality of the piece. We remain faithful to the original design of each product, and we enhance it and make it unique based on the requests of the client. Every customization follows typical Made in Italy taste and is executed through the use of top quality raw materials that allow us to give life to high-level, made to measure home furnishings.

Madeto measure

Customized furniture and entire made to measure projects created with our interior designers: